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Arcadia Seating is a firm of industry specialists providing the highest standards of craftsmanship, project management and on site guidance to ensure your project's success. Our careful attention to detail and experienced staff of project managers ensure a first quality job, on time - complete!
We use a combination of original materials and new hardware in our seat restoration services to assure a seamless finish with minimal to no signs of repair. The true beauty of refinishing work is found in the ability to maintain the originality of the piece. From seat numbers to upholstery, you can rely on Arcadia Seating to restore the original look and feel of your theater seats.

Seating Upholstery:
From matching original patterns and textures to assuring resiliency through high-end fabrics and quality stitching, our upholstery service combines elegance with endurance.


Restoring More Than Seating:
Our work not only brings back the original quality of your theater seating, it also restores the ambience of the entire theater. Portray an air of class, comfort, and luxury with our beautiful restoration work.



Call Arcadia Seating in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for seat maintenance and refurbishing services proven to restore your classic theater seats to their opening night glory. 


Restoration of Stadium and Theater seating for:


  • Schools

  • Theatres

  • Sports Facilities

  • Municipal Facilities

  • Churches








General ADA Guidelines
ADA / ABA Accessibility Guidelines
U.S. Department of Justice Status Report Enforcing the ADA

Theatre Restoration:
League of Historic American Theatres
Theatre Historical Society





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